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Mino Games is a mobile games developer based in Montréal, QC. We were founded in 2011 as a small group of passionate engineers and artists. Our mission is to create the highest quality games that millions of people all around the world play and love.
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Our Games

Delightful, Social, and Deep Worlds

Our mission is to make the highest quality and most successful mobile games in the world.

To date, we’ve launched three games: Mino Monsters, Mino Monsters 2, and Cat Game. Over 15 million people have played our titles, with more joining every day!

Cat game header
Cat Game – The Cats Collector!

Cat Game is a world where you can collect adorable cats, care for them, and build your dream cat house!

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Mino Monsters game banner

Brace yourself for adventure! Journey to an exciting world filled with incredible MinoMonsters. Collect, train, and battle your way to greatness!

No Longer Available
Mino Monsters game screenshot